There are no good or bad seasons to visit Vietnam.  When one region is wet, cold or boiling hot, there is always somewhere else that is sunny and pleasant.  Because of its geography, stretching 1,650km from north to south and from sea level to mountain…


The south has a wet season from May to November, the wettest months being from June to August, and the dry season from December to April. The wet is characterized by high humidity levels and a refreshing afternoon downpour. Humidity in the South during the months of June and July ranges between 75% and 85%. The hottest months are from March to May, with temperatures well over 30 degrees Celsius.

The central coast is dry from May to October and wet from December to February. The highland areas are significantly cooler than the lowlands, and temperatures can get down to freezing in winter. The North has cool, damp winters from November to April and hot summers from May to October. The months of December and January can be particularly cool with temperatures as low as 8 degrees Celsius. Temperatures can drop to 0 degrees Celsius in Sapa in winter, and there is sometimes snowfall.

There is the possibility of seeing typhoons between July and November, affecting the north and central areas.



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