Myanmar has a tropical climate with the dry season from mid-February to mid-May. The monsoon or rainy season is from mid-May to mid-October with the cool season from mid-October to mid-February. The hot season is generally from March to April.

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The coast and delta areas have an annual rainfall of about 250 cm (100 inches) and an average annual temperature of about 32° C (90F). In these areas, depending on the season, temperatures can fluctuate between 16° to 40°C (61 to 104F).


In the central belt, known as the dry zone, where Mandalay the chief city is, the rainfall averages about 70 cm (28 inches) per year, with a mean annual temperature of around 27°C (81F). Maximums are 46°C (115F) in hot season and 15°C (59F) during the cool season.

Average daily temperatures in Yangon range from 18° to 32°C (64 to 90F) during the cool season and from 24° to 36°C (75 to 97F) during the hot season.

The climate in upper Myanmar, particularly at altitudes ranging from about 300 to 1,220 m (984 to 4000 feet), is the most temperate throughout the year and rainfall during the monsoon season totals more than 500 cm (197 inches).







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